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We are striving to make your experience here enjoyable. We share varied interests that we believe can benefit and help others. Our current focus is to help people and companies transform their communication and corporate culture. Life is changing, and it is doing so rapidly. Just a few short years ago the vast majority of people were not working online.


Our purpose is to create a positive impact in this ever-changing world. We strive to help those people that choose to help themselves. Under the umbrella of Technology Transformation, there is a wide variety of directions a person can decide to go. This allows people to choose the area that appeals most to them.

The Future Belongs to Communication

Communications 101

Session 1 includes

The Urgency of Communication, Communication Challenges, The Trused Advisor Model, The 5 C's of a Trusted Advisor, Enlightened Self-Interest, Speed of Trust

Session 2 includes

Veribal Aikido - Mastering the Moment, Verbal Aikido & Emotional Intelligence, History & Primary urpose of Communication, Nobody's "Impossible", Setting Your Interactive Objective, Overcoming the Three Communication Killers

Emotionally Intelligent Communications

Ultimate Rapport Strategy

Session 3 includes

Emotional Intelligence - Scientific Overview, Who Are You? Fight, Flight or Freeze, The Power of Perceptions, Building Your Mental Toughness, EQ Meets Reality Through Verbal Aikido

Session 4 includes

The Riches of Rapport, the Science of Connection, Channel Capacity, or Capacity for Relationships, Irresistible Grace, Transformation vs. Transaction, Natural Points of Connection, Character Creates Lasting Trust

Communications Science

Dealing with Difficult Conversations

Session 5 includes

The T.A.S.K. Interaction Process, Structural Analysis Part 1, Structural Analysis Part 2, Transactional Analysis, Communication Cycle, Communication Technology

Session 6 includes

Diffusing the Adversarial Mindset, Strengthening Posture & Balance, Clarify Your, Objective, Planning to Strike the Right Chord, Say as Little as Possible, Mastering Receptivity

The Power to Influence

Ultimate Rapport Strategy

Session 7 includes

What is Ethical Influence?, What is the Appropriate Use of Power?, The Power to Move Minds, The Verbal Aikido Question Process, The Power to Move Hearts, The Power of Conviction

Session 8 includes

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, The Spectrum of Aggression, What is Your A.M.O. (Assertive Modus Operandi)?, How to Be Assertive Part 1, How to Be Assertive Part 2, Enlightened Assertiveness

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