CIOaikido is an innovative technology service and business coaching company that specializes in Software Outsourcing, IT Staff Augmentation, New Products Development, Testing & Maintenance solutions.


With teams composed by the most talented marketers, engineers of the market, CIOaikido assists companies worldwide with comprehensive and innovative technology solutions.


CIOaikido can create high-performance teams that serve amazing clients across the globe.


Our vision is to become the most recognized and trusted outsourcing corporation of the region, employing the most talented professionals in the market and supporting our clients with their digital journeys.


  • Experienced with Startups and Enterprise Turnarounds
  • We have been providing business solutions architecture, building and implementing Marketing, Digital, Enterprise Operating and Business Systems around the world
  • Professional Pure Coaching
  • Expert advice on change management and information technology transformation
  • Training courses available so that you can benefit learning from world experts and advance your business by leaps and bounds
  • Verbal Aikido = Advanced Communication = definition: Understanding, How often are we misunderstood? How well you connect with others will determine the success of your business
  • With Verbal Aikido and CIOaikido’s expertise, you will learn how to double and triple your income potential, dramatically improve family and social relationships
  • We work with world-class experts to ensure you get the best quality. The services we provide you with are superior as a result
  • We set high standards for ourselves to make sure that you can get the most benefit



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